Do Politics Matter?

To a majority of people, Politics do no matter to them. Politics are boring, or overly complicated, or they are too busy to get involved with these things. However the reality is that Politics do matter, and they matter quite a bit.

Politics is defined as “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power”. Politics is the way in which we decide and choose society to be organized. Politics is everything, and politics affect every single aspect of your life.

When you get up in the morning, the bed you sleep on was made somewhere, and you paid money for it from the job you work, or if you’re a minor, the job your parent worked. The job your parent or you,  worked they or you  received wages for the hours they put in. The amount paid for those hours is mandated by law to be at least 7.25 a hour, however there is debate of whether wages should stay at that level or be risen to 10.10 an hour or 15 an hour. This wage increase would raise your wage or your parents wage, and they would have more money for other things other than the mattress you are sleeping on.

When it comes to the mattress you are sleeping on, say it was manufactured in china, and you wonder why everything is made in china, will get to that in a little bit. But after you wake up from your long nights sleep, or short night sleep if you work third shift at your second job because you are paid abysmally low wages, and working longer hours because there’s no one fighting for the workers, but I press on. Anyways, so you wake up and you go to the bathroom, and you turn on the faucet,  the water comes out. Out of the public utilities that you pay for in your taxes, the ones that some think would be better if they were privatized, but some say they shouldn’t be. But you press on enjoying your free access to water, unless it’s been rusted out with lead because your governor has not paid for new infrastructure, or its polluted with oil from nearby fracking.

You take your morning prescriptions, regulated by the FDA, made sure they are safe and not dangerous, that was paid for by your private insurance company that took quite a heavy ding in your pocket but it could be better, as you look towards your relatives who live in Canada a country that has a single payer system, where it is much cheaper for medication. After that you get dressed and you notice a pattern on your clothes, the tags say “made in China” you wonder why this is? But pay no  attention to the Free Trade deals and the Neoliberal globalization of the economy that allow corporations to travel where their are little labor laws and regulations.

Once you’re dressed you leave your house, which you bought off a mortgage from the bank.  You drive your car, which is slowly destroying the world due to climate change, because the country has not chosen attack Climate Change as the threat it is. You go to fill up your gas at your local gas station, the gas station that has oil that was most likely taken from the middle east…..ironically the location where your country is fighting its current war.

As you can see politics affect basically every aspect of your life, and that was just the morning scenario. They affect your privacy, your work, your family life, your relationship with your neighbors, way you travel, the way you respond to your environment, the way you see others, and the way you see the world.

Politics are, at times, very complicated, but that is due to the life of political language, and the cunning two facedness of establishment lingo and language. A way of saying something without saying anything at all. The complicated problems of Politics come from over abundance of definitions and the fact that most schools do not teach the basics of politics, and that is for certain reasons which will be discussed at another time.

Politics are not boring, they give individuals who look at them, new ways to improve, analyze or change the problems they see in society. They not only impact the way people think, but they impact the way individuals act towards themselves, others and the world. They are ideas and beliefs that should never leave anyone’s mind, as they are everywhere always.


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