I started this blog in hopes to bring change, in hope to spark people to think. On this blog I will be analyzing current events, political theories, talking about philosophy, reviewing books and movies,  and also analyzing modern life.

Real Name: Not Important

Alias: Zeno Alejandro

Residence: United States of America

Religious Views: Agnostic

Political Views: Left Libertarianism or Libertarian Socialism: A little bit of a Anarchist, a little bit of a Communist, and a little bit of Socialist. Anarchism (Anarcho-Communist, Collectivist, Syndicalist). I agree with the theories of Luxembourgism, which is a worker focused democratic form of communism, as well as Left Communism or Council Communism, and Democratic Socialism. I oppose all forms of Authoritarianism. I oppose Capitalism. I oppose all wars. I am anti imperialism, anti colonialism, and anti racism.

Influences: Noam Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Martin Luther King, Eugene V. Debs, Bernie Sanders, Howard Zinn, George Orwell, Peter Kropotkin, Bertrand Russell, Cornel West, Murray Bookchin Rosa Luxembourg, Errico Malatesta, Antonio Gramsci, Rudolf Rocker, Antonie Pannekoek