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A Rebuttal to Ten Things Millennials Should Know About Socialism by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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I recently watched a talk on Mises media by Thomas J. DiLorenzo and he talks about his book 10 things Millennials should Know about Socialism. I thought it would be a interesting video to watch as I am: A. a Millennial and B. a  Socialist. Therefore I could give some insight.


2:24-2:37 Here he states that socialism is “government ownership” of the means of production, and government run industry. Number 1 this is not socialism defined, as socialism is defined by everyone else in the world as: a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Well often the government can sometimes represent the workers this often fails due to it not being as I would define socialism as the “workers controlling the means of production and distribution.” In a capitalist society, the capitalist class, the CEOs and boards of directors have control of production, or the workplace, which is basically the same. Workers would control what they make and how it used, like going to the NEEDs of society, rather than the profits of the owners.


Well first if we talk about state run enterprises, first this is not socialism, as the government is not the workers, and it does not go to the needs of society but still profit.


3:20-3:27 Apparently now socialism includes everything the government does like taxes and welfare.


3:30-3:43 Yes taxing rich people more,  when they have more money is bad because then we can’t have excessive income inequality! He also is red baiting here by comparing Bernie Sanders to fucking Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. Yes, Marx wrote that Progressive income taxes were needed but he also wrote about abolish private property, but when he talks about private property he doesn’t mean everything you fucking own! He’s talking about the workplaces and the concept of profit.


3:45-4:38 Well I have not read Mises socialism to be honest, but the idea that somehow having regulations and the government doing things destroys the free market is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous for the idea that somehow markets will work on there own when reality is they are organized by how government wants them to work, so when mises talks about no intervention, he wants government to not provide welfare to poor people, make sure access to healthcare is only for rich people and education is only for those with the money to afford it.

The idea that state run schools brainwash children to the Virtues of socialism is absolutely hilarious. They do not in anyway do that. This is from personal experience and interaction with many other people in other schools, but if anything schools red bait and teach us that socialism is bad and communism is bad, that left wing ideas are bad. Especially in history class when students learn about the Cold War and the Red Scare. They teach children young on that socialism and communism are bad because of the  Soviet Union, that socialism is the opposite of freedom, but freedom is to buy things and work for somebody else who decides how much you make, and a workplace where you have no say.  The reality is you have no freedom under capitalism, the only ones with freedom are those who have the most capital. More they have the Freer they are.

5:24-5:38 No just no stop. The Democratic Party is not socialist, for god sakes they’re barely socially liberal, the only one who’s somewhat left wing is Bernie Sanders but he’s just a New Deal Democrat  and the Republican Party is Far Far Far Right, They are extreme, they want to cut everything from getting rid of the mediocre Obamacare to getting rid of Dodd-Frank, to Privatizing the National Parks. The Republican Party is not at all leftist, but maybe to somebody with extreme crazy and unrealistic ideas they are fucking communists!

5:50-7:11 well the Soviet Union is socialist in name only. But ignoring that fact alone the Soviet Union, The People’s Republic of China all went from being poor weak countries to global superpowers. So don’t give that bullshit that they have weak ecconmies and that “socialism” is bad for your economy. Just a simple wikipedia search and you can find that USSR was only slightly behind America when it comes to GDP.


8:14-8:22 Argentina and Venezuela Oh my God,

9:40-10:00 here he talks about the classroom experiment where if you take kids grades and you give them all the same grades or you take away from them this will discourage them from working hard and so no one will work hard. Number 1: Distribution is not socialism, that’s welfarism, number 2: your argument is basically a straw man, that states there’s no effort if you don’t get a reward, apparently grades and money are your only rewards, again this is wrong. You can be rewarded also by the enjoyment of something and also, which is often forgotten, your connections with other people. This has been done in numerous social experiments



10:37-11:00 “You don’t have the Guidance of free market prices” he states this as if prices just magically are something in the natural world, um buddy, prices are set by business and pre determined by CEOs, they don’t just make themselves in the woods of fairy land. In other words the quote “Guidance” is literally what the CEOs say, and what benefits their pockets. Supply and demand are not natural factors and once more Socialism has nothing to do with this, if anything socialism would help supply and demand as their would be less waste and something which you seem to have forgotten called overproduction, where you produce too much and it gets wasted because people without money or enough money can’t buy the product.

11:08-11:09 still has not destroyed every economy where it’s been tried, Soviet Union second largest GDP from 1960 to 1980.

11:15-12:40  The Myth of Democratic Socialism and socialism, they’re the same thing apparently. No this is pure dogshit. Not only is that ignorant of basically political theory, but social democracy is not democratic socialism, as social democracy does not look to create democratic workers control of their workplaces or a needs based ecconomy but it looks to work within capitalism. Marxist-Leninism is not the same as democratic socialism, Marxist leninism is the dictatorship of the workers, and maoism is different too. Democratic socialism would mean the people would have a say in how their ecconomy works rather than it being controlled by ceos and they just being told what to do by their bosses.  So saying these things are all the same, is stupid and ignorant

12:48-Obamacare is not a form of socialized medicine… it’s a mandate, that’s it, the government isn’t even providing it, so how is this socialism in your warped view, apparently the government existing is socialism.

13:30-14:16 ah yes back to Venezuela, oil prices went down and they were hit by the 2008 crisis, not due to socialism,  that which is why they were soaring in early from 2003 to 2008. Well again this is not really socialism at all,  its also do to the IMF supported policy of overvalued fixed exchange rates, like Argentina, Russia, brazil, russia, asian financial crisis, neoliberal imf backed policies. This is due to IMF fucking with the central bank as well. The united states has been trying to topple this “socialist” government, just like Allende, and Mossadegh, anyone who stands in the way of US and its oil will be taken out in a coup d’etat. It was not socialism that has destroyed latin America but US imperialism and the IMF and economic capitalist crashes, you know those things that happen when markets fail.

14:35-15: “Sweden was very prosperous” Apparently having a bunch of inventors from your country and not having “socialism” means your prosperous. Sweden GDP per capita is about 50,000 dollars today and USA is 55,000 dollars per capita, which is on Average, that being shown, Sweden has much less income inequality when you compare its overall GDP which is some 500 billion and USA is 17 trillion, which shows the vast wealth gaps. Sweden has nearly 0 percent job growth, because low of  72 to high of  76 percent of the population are employed and thats consistent and one of the top highest employment rates in the world. America goes from a low of 61 to a high of 74. Sweden interest rates are at a record low.


17:00 70 percent income tax on super wealthy people is slavery, minus the fact that they still get 30 percent of their wealth which is still pretending that again they don’t already have millions of dollars.


18:00 the idea that socialism eats away at democracy is totally bullshit, if anything socialism is democracy, again though apparently DiLorenzo definition of socialism is that anything the government does is socialism, rather than workers controlling their workplaces and distrubution of production.


20:00-20:50  “the push for equality is a war on labor, division of labor, socialism is an attack on the division of labor. Capitalism keeps humans civilization together.”

War on international division of labor, which is again the capitalist system. Marx attacked labor as no more than slavery, as wage slavery, that it forces people to do things they wouldn’t themselves choose to do, but have to do because otherwise they’d starve and die. They do things for meaningless capital that keeps them alive. Capitalism does not keep human civilization in tact but it keeps hierarchy it tact. Oppression is kept in place and the social order of the ruling elites is kept in tact. Socialism attacks the oppression of the workers and looks to change the power structure and take it away from the elites and give it to the people. If you’re against that then you do not favor democracy or freedom.


23:20 Fascism is not collectivist


23:27-23:50 the amount of irony here shocks me, literally he talks about the state creating propaganda and it being peddled through the media, much like neoliberal economics, and he says that if you don’t agree with the state’s definition of truth you are scrutinized and dealt with, much like how he is dealing with socialism and how it doesn’t fit his definition of truth. So he is demonizing it and making sure to demonize those who agree with it.


25:52- 26:56 I agree shockingly and this is one of my main criticism of state socialism, is that it replaces one ruling class with another, however apparently your problem is that they didn’t create anything of “value” they just stole all the money. Well that’s basically what profit is, CEOs take the money they could’ve given the workers and give it to themselves.


27:00-27:48 he literally just made an argument for regulations by stating that there’s no middle class that’s the model everyone is rich and poor in Latin America and India, well thats not do to socialism but Neoliberal so called laissez faire capitalism. It’s the result of no regulations and no workers rights, as well as IMF loans and US meddling.


27:52-28:24 Another point I agree with about mass genocides, but not because of socialism, but because of Totalitarianism, which is where a government controls every aspect of someone’s life. I myself am equally critical of totalitarians both of left and right.



31:00-31:10  “Fascism is a form of Socialism” that’s the dumbest statement in history, that’s exactly why Hitler hated Marxist Socialists and murdered them in the holocaust,  and used the title National Socialist to get the support of confused lefties, he was a socialist in name only.


33:27- 33:36 Well Fascism spawns directly as a result of policies of Laissez Faire Capitalism, which is why fascist hate it. Fascist also oppose individual freedom and believe the government is superior, again though this is not socialism, but why at this point beat a fucking dead horse.


34:00 Just because someone criticizes you and you don’t agree with them does not mean all your enemies are the same, they disagree with you for different reasons, but if you don’t recognize this than you can never correctly defeat your enemy.


35:00-36:00 again just because something is nationalized doesn’t mean its socialist, it depends on how it’s used. The nazi were less pure market capitalistic as one would say but than again Laissez faire capitalism is basically something you cannot find anywhere, as even Mussolini who was “corporatist”. Where corporatism is merger of state and business, so its basically capitalism, but more of a end result. These are just different words for capitalism these things are virtually the same.


36:00-36:46 I think that demonizing the poor in this way is something but he does make somewhat of interesting point about welfare and an actual legitimate criticism, we should look at the reasons of why people don’t want to work, rather than just throw them off of a program and say its because they’re lazy. Maybe it’s due to their lack of freedoms at work or the increasing alienation? Or the fact the Wages are very low.


37:00- 38:30 None of these things are because of welfare… rather capitalism which creates the material conditions,and creates poverty. If events are negative, than they will have negative effects on people.


39:00 Point 9 progressive income tax is poison. Well no it’s more about fairness and making sure the super wealthy actually pay their fair share and helping out the poor or those who are having a rough time, due to again the rich people in society, paying low wages, or moving work overseas because labor is cheaper, or as we are more recently seeing, replacing workers with machines. Very rarely is it due to people not wanting to work, if someone tells you work for me and be slightly better or live a miserable standard of living, unless you have disabilities when given the option people will choose to not die, its survival, but people need that option or opportunity available to them.


42:00 the income tax creates a new centralized power, and income tax gives government more power.

43:44 And he ends the video with his bit of “socialism”, by ironically giving out free copies of his book.


Well I survived that bit of fucking cancer, a long dull and incredibly stupid fucking video, full of logical errors and factual inaccuracies meant to intentionally confuse people. I always find it ironic that institutions like Mises criticize governments and those they deem with power, without ever realizing that they promote ideas of economic totalitarianism.  If you like this post, let me know below and I’ll try to find more videos like this one to do.


Political Theory, Politics

The Political Compass Explained

Probably the best Political test to show where your beliefs align, is the political compass test.

political compass official 2
A way to analyze your results are by this image. You can easily figure out your results by following the point you have.


The political compass breaks politics down on two areas, economics and social beliefs.

On economics it is broken down as  Left and Right.


1.Someone preferring more regulation on businesses and a social safety net,  which would be someone who scores a 0 to -2 prefers regulations and a welfare state  with basic labor laws, and slight progressive tax, (0,10,20,40,45), capital gains tax (10-20 percent).

2. scoring, -3 to -5 is someone who prefers everything in one as well as public control/government control of certain parts of the economy (such as public education, basic income and universal health care)  while retaining a capitalist system. A high tax rate as well (0%, 31%, 51%, 56%) capital gains tax of 30 Percent, Corporate tax of 22-40 percent

3. Someone scoring -6 to -10 wants a collectivized economy, and is a anti capitalist. These ideas can vary from worker control of workplaces, the elimination of profit motive and favor of a needs based economy. These ideas also vary from authoritarian and libertarian left. As Libertarian left wants a voluntary regional collective needs based economy, Authoritarian left wants a state planned economy, which will have a extreme high tax (99-100). However taxation in a profitless society will be nonexistent because there is nothing to individually own, therefore there is nothing to take.


1.1 to 3  is a Keynesian  capitalist state that is regulated and has interference when necessary, this can include weak labor laws such as minimum wage, however it is usually anti union. This includes protectionist trade policies when necessary and a weak social safety net. As well as a minor “progressive” tax with  lower brackets  (0,10%,15%, 25%, 28%,33%,35%,39.6%)

2. 4 to 6 this area would support ideas of including the defunding and cut of the social safety net, deregulation of business, low taxes and tax cuts. Their tax brackets would look more like (15%,28%,31%) and no capital gains taxes. However this includes corporate welfare and privatizing many services of government.

3. 7 to 10   is  the concept of “zero” government intervention in the economy, as the free market will work out on its own. This includes concepts of abolishing the minimum wage, abolishing the social safety net, abolishing welfare, and privatizing all government programs.   This also includes the abolishing all labor laws, and including busting unions or making them illegal. This also favors total deregulation of the economy. The tax rate is preferred to be as little as possible, which include the concepts of a flat tax, (10 percent for everyone) or no taxes at all.

On social issues it is broken down Authoritarian, (someone who values control over freedom) and Libertarian (someone who values freedom over control)


  1. 1-4 Stability is highly valued, this includes traditional morals and beliefs for society to be enforced through means of laws and punishment. This can include patriotism but skepticism of authority. This includes the value of punishment over rehabilitation, and use of force in use of police. This area of beliefs also  usually include  drug laws.

2. 5-7 Order is the highest value in society. High values of social identity, including extreme national pride.  Strict laws are put in place to make sure society behaves a certain way. May include policies that favor certain groups of people over one another to achieve order. Rejection of ideas such as gay marriage, abortion, birth control. Beliefs toward a single Religion or belief system is held up in a high place and should be protected. Free speech and privacy can be curbed in ways of national security. Nation or authority is above individual liberty. Militarism is used to spread the countries beliefs.

3. 8-10 a Totalitarian state, usual includes a single party system. There is zero freedom for citizens. With a strong preference put into law for a group of people over another. National pride is extreme to levels of jingoism. Laws are written and strictly enforced by the government. The government of the one party system controls every aspect of citizens life. Supports high Surveillance of all citizens by any means necessary. Totalitarians oppose citizens criticizing them, and protesting. They also use ideas such as total war, where the entire population of the country will make sacrifices for the cause of the nation. Extreme force is used and includes a large amount of money spent on military and police.



1.-1 to -3 a bill of rights protected by the state. Individual freedom is preferred. Slight Legalization of marijuana and soft drugs.  Freedom of speech and religion protected but can be curved. Citizens civil liberties are protected but can be curved. Citizens allowed to make some of their choices but the state will intervene when necessary.

2.-4 to -6 civil liberties are held high as well as individual freedom. Democracy is preferred system. The state’s police and military are limited. Rehabilitation is preferred over prisons, prisons still exist. Legalization of all drugs. Secular government and little to  no restrictions on speech. The force of government is eliminated as much as possible while maintaining a government.Citizens allowed to make most of  their own choices.

3.-7 to – 10 a stateless society controlled by the people made of voluntary non hierarchical groups. Abolishment of prisons, punishment, police, and police. Total freedom from authority and force. Citizens allowed to make all of their own choices


political compass peoples
Here is a image with the political thinkers and where they would end up on the chart.

There are 6 categories which these results are based on:

1.How you see the country and the world (Foreign Policy)

2.The Economy

3.Personal Social Values

4.Views on Society (Domestic Policy)


6.Sex and Sexuality in society

These six categories are used to  break up the compass into 4 categories


political compass official 11.Authoritarian Left

2.Authoritarian Right

3.Libertarian Left

4.Libertarian Right

All of these other ideologies will be discussed at a further point. As Well as my results on the test.